Herstory in the Making

California Senator and Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris definitely had the momentum at her back this week as the country learned she would appear on the cover of Elle‘s November issue.

Last night at the Vice Presidential debate, aside from making herstory as a half-woman-half-amazing-Afrocentric-Asian, Kamala Harris notably spent much of the debate talking to young people who were trying to decide whether they were going to vote at all this November.

Whatever her and her debate coach, Pete Buttigieg, worked on in debate prep worked like a charm. She rope-a-doped Pence. Basically letting Pence explain to key demographics in his own words the Trump Administration’s backward 1950s policies on climate change, racial justice, women’s rights, etc. And I could tell by your responses on social media how you felt about them. Pence defended his policies … the only problem is they’re grossly unpopular.

“I’m Speaking”

What was without a doubt the most memorable moments of the debate was Senator Kamala Harris repeatedly saying, “Mr. Vice President, I’m speaking,” in response to Mike Pence repeatedly interrupting her.

Debates are about getting a message to key demographics. The mainstream media should take a page out of her book. Stop calling the Trump Administration racist so much people get numb to the accusation. Instead, allow them to articulate their racism and ignorance in their own words.

At this point, the only play for the Trump campaign is to suppress the vote. But if they do, there will be protests like you wouldn’t believe. So if you suppress the vote, then you’re going to have to suppress the inevitable protests. At that point, the United States no longer has a first amendment and so then you have a fundamentally different country. Therefore this country has to make a decision and so do you.

Whenever there is a debate, everyone naturally wants to know who won. A CNN poll was taken afterward indicating it wasn’t even close. Yes, CNN polls are biased in favor of Democrats, but a twenty point margin is hard to ignore. If that doesn’t shine a light on her performance maybe the campaign’s ability to fundraise $15 million in the 12 hours after the debate started should give you an idea.


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