Kamala Inspires The Nation

It is inspiring to see so many purpose-driven non-profits celebrate Kamala Harris. Just a couple of examples are The 19th and the NAACP.

The NAACP may not need an introduction, but I will offer one for those who are new to America and its historical institutions. The NAACP is the largest and arguably most pre-eminent civil rights organization in the nation.

The recent NAACP statement issued by President and CEO Derrick Johnson underscored how much of a defining moment Kamala Harris’ appointment is in U.S. history. His statement highlighted the fact Black Women’s ‘representation in the highest levels of government has never matched their unwavering participation in our democracy.’

Kamala Inspires Women

The 19th describes itself as a ‘nonprofit, non-partisan newsroom reporting on gender, politics, and policy.’ I would encourage you, especially women, to subscribe and possibly even become a member.

One of the topics The 19th has taken up is that of Kamala Harris’ appointment as VP. Recently, Errin Haines, Editor-at-Large at The 19th, totally nailed her interview with Kamala Harris.

Something else I would like you to notice is one of Kamala’s talents you see in few public servants. Time and time again, she has proven she is able to interview with digital publications or platforms not considered to be mainstream media and bring great energy to whatever platform she finds herself on. Most public servants are what I call “CNN” public servants– meaning once they take a couple of steps closer to the people, you’re not as impressed. Kamala, on the other hand, has many more dimensions.

If I was a Republican political operative, this is a candidate I would not want to have to compete against. If you were wondering what Kamala brings to the ticket, interviews like this should give you an idea. You may remember what happened when Biden interviewed solo with The Breakfast Club.

As I would expect, Errin Haines’ analysis of Kamala Harris’ nomination acceptance speech was spot on. I have to agree with her when she says it was “filled with symbolism and substance.” It was hard not to feel something when she quoted Fannie Lou Hamer, saying “none of us are free unless all of us are free.” Similarly, it was hard not to feel something when she said “there is no vaccine for racism.”

We can’t ignore the fact this takes place within a political context. We know in politics, there are clear winners and losers, but it doesn’t hurt to take a moment to appreciate such a defining moment in U.S. history.


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