Hassan River is great content. It is an excellent source for United States discourse. The content spans very relevant topics whether it’s election season or not. Also, we have great recommendations for apps and books. We’re based in the United States, but I invite you to join our growing global community wherever you are. I can best describe the Hassan River digital publication as ‘Thoughtful citizens for free communities.’

Our business directory is one of the things at Hassan River I’m most excited about. One-by-one, we’re onboarding businesses to help them have the greatest possible chance of success. We love the big cities, but these businesses don’t have to be in New York or Los Angeles to matter to us. And I’m sure you feel the same way. Their product or service may be just the thing one of you has been looking for. Visit our business directory today.

I should not fail to mention another motivating force behind the project. It is best framed in one of the many lessons I was privileged to receive from my father while a student at Virginia State University with him as a professor there. I remember one of the conversations we had in his office during his office hours, where he told me, “Son, don’t be a street-corner scientist.” I share this to say this project will have as one of its tenets an unapologetic bias for peer-reviewed research.

As with any project, some of its motivations are kept private, but I think I’ve shared enough about this project’s motivations for you to know what it is and what it will drive to be.

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