Thanks, Rabbani, for your wonderful comment on the Imam Yahya article.

Rabbani, you’ve forced us to fast track some of the comment features we had planned for later. All, feel free to comment on the posts. One of the motivations behind @thehassanriver is what we post to Facebook belongs to Facebook. Being a data guy, I’m naturally gonna emphasize us having more control over our own content. That includes our comments. Comments can add strain to our servers, but let us worry about that. We’ll do our best to monitor the performance of our servers. The comments you post on Hassan River should be able to be posted back to Facebook.

We allow you to login using your Facebook credentials. We’ll slowly add others like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Snapchat. The comments don’t natively support emojis currently, but that’ll come.

Thank you for supporting Hassan River. Keep us working. We don’t mind .


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