Paint by Numbers for Adults by BANLANA, DIY Adult Paint by Number Kits for Beginners on Canvas Rolled 16″ by 20″ (Van Gogh The Starry Night)



Kit includes 1 per printed canvas, 6 premium brushes, a set of acrylic paints, easy-to-follow instructions, and 1 reference card on photographic paper


Color: Van Gogh the Starry Night


♥️ Paint by Numbers for Adults is for you to create your own masterpiece, paint it together with your loved ones!
♥️ How To Do: use the acrylic paint which is marked with numbers, to fill in the areas on the canvas which is marked with the same numbers.
♥️ Gifts Idea: PBN is a great choice as a gift for Christmas, Thanksgiving day, New Year and birthday to your family or friends.
♥️ Why Banlana: we offer extra enough paints, improved premium brushes set, canvas packed in rolled and easy to follow colorful instruction.
♥️ What Is Included: 1 per printed textured 16″ x 20″ art canvas rolled, 6 premium painting brushes, 1 set of acrylic paints, 1 instruction, 1 reference card.

Package Dimensions: 28x240x231

Release Date: 02-12-2020


What is Included?

1 x per printed canvas (16″ x 20″)
6 x brushes (5/0, 2, 1/4, 6, 8, 3/4)
1 x set of acrylic paints (around 20 pots, depends on different paintings)
1 x Instruction (A4)
1 x reference card on photographic paper (4″ x 6″)

Why Choose The Banlana Acrylic Paint By Numbers Kit?

Enough Paints, calculated as 0.075 ml paints per square inch required instead of 0.05 ml.
Premium Brushes Set, offers 6 pcs brushes instead of 3 and premium quality.
Canvas Rolled, packed the canvass in rolls to not get folded.
Easy to Follow Instructions, offers easy-to-follow and colorful instruction.

How to Paint?

Set up your workspace and unpack the materials. All colors are pre-mixed, so you don’t have to mix or dilute any colors. Simply dip your brush in a paint pot, find the matching spaces on the map and start painting.
Fill in the region completely and make sure to paint all the way over the line. We recommend painting as thick as possible but make sure to keep a light touch on the brush for the best texture.
When it’s time to change colors and move onto a new numbered pot, make sure to wash your brush thoroughly in water. If the paint feels dry, you can stir in 1-2 drops of water into the pot.
Start by painting the lightest colors first because darker colors can easily cover the light ones. If you make a mistake, simply wait for the color to dry and then paint over it

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