Those of you who regularly make purchases from online stores may be interested in “track my package” apps like the Parcels website and mobile app. Whether the shipment is handled by the United States Post Office, Amazon, or several other online stores or third-party delivery companies, you only need to enter your tracking number into the search bar to get the latest status of your shipment. This app will also estimate delivery time. 

If you order from a wide variety of companies online, this can be very convenient. This is especially true since tracking numbers differ depending on the carrier. Instead of having to go to each individual site to track your packages, you can track all your packages with one site or app. This includes online retailers like Walmart, Nike, and Victoria’s Secret.

This app will even track your shipments from China Post which is the National Postal Service of China. Again, all you need is the tracking number. The app will also track Wish packages sent via China Post or Wish Post. 

This is not the only site or app that will do this for you. I should mention the New York Times rated the Parcel app as the best parcel tracking app for iOS or macOS. But, again, there are several others. In fact, there is a name for it — universal parcel tracking.

Below is a list of some of the universal parcel tracking apps available on Google Play or iPhone App Store:



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