What is Scala

Scala is both an object-oriented and functional programming language designed to express common programming patterns in a concise, elegant, and type-safe way. You can install it by going to: 


Here, you’ll see IntelliJ is the preferred IDE for development with this programming language. You’ll be able to install Scala through IntelliJ.  

Scala is open source. You should be able to find its GitHub Repo at:


There you may notice the latest Scala version, as of this writing, is 2.13.5.

The language was developed by the German Computer Scientist, Martin Odersky. Scala code executes on a JVM. To do this, the Scala compiler converts the code into Java bytecode.

Once you’re ready to get a little more serious with this programming language, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with a build tool like Gradle with the Scala plugin or SBT. Either of these tools can be used with both Scala and Java. 

For most Scala developers, SBT is preferable. You may have also noticed installing SBT is one of the preferred ways to install Scala on your laptop. If you’re interested in learning Scala online, places like Educative and Eduonix are a good place to start.

Ask a Team of Researchers Why They Chose Scala?

Scala is a powerful programming language, but it’s not for every project. So, when do we use it? Let’s ask some researchers. A 2019 research article tells of a team of researchers who set out to develop a versatile framework for chemical data management. The open-source framework is named CyBy^2. In their words, they chose Scala because “it is compiled to Java bytecode by default, comes with a plethora of useful third-party libraries, and interacting with existing Java libraries is trivial.”

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