During times like these, we as a community are so fortunate to have medical experts like Dr. Khalil Marcus Lambert. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable, but he is equally generous with his knowledge. Among other things, I’m sure people like him will inspire a new generation of medical professionals.

At a time when we need answers on what tools to include in our toolbox to achieve “community immunity”, we have people like him to tell us whether the current vaccines are safe and effective and who they are safe and effective for.

One of the recent panels he appeared on was hosted by Study Al-Islam’s Fitrah Muhammad this past Thursday (1/21/2021) night. Dr. Lambert was accompanied by distinguished colleagues Dr. Qiana Johnson, Dr. Mikal Ramadan, and Dr. Sulieman Wazeerud-Din. I would encourage you to watch the full broadcast.

The panel educated the community about the strengths and limitations of the currently available Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. This is incredibly important because things we don’t know are areas where we can be deceived by misinformation. It is important to note neither vaccine will prevent us from getting infected with COVID-19 but seeks to prevent its serious and potentially fatal effects. In addition, Dr. Sulieman Wazeerud-Din made the point the fact cases of the flu have gone down during this time is evidence increased hygiene (i.e. hand-washing), physical distancing, and mask-wearing works.

If you have ever had any interest in science I think you’ll get something out of learning about Spike proteins. There was some mention of Spike proteins in the panel discussion. The goal of the vaccines is to get the cell to produce copious amounts of the Spike protein of SARS-CoV-2.

We as a community are aware things may get worse before they get better, but it is a blessing to have knowledgeable and generous sources of information to help us along the way.

I would also encourage you to read Dr. Khalil Marcus Lambert’s recent article in the Muslim Journal.


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