What Did Not Happen

We owe it to our young people to expose the deception in this world regardless of who it comes from. They may not see it at first, but we have to believe, at some point, they will. This conversation is more about Black men than it is about Ice Cube.

Recently, Louisiana Congressman and Biden-Harris Campaign Co-Chair, Cedric Richmond attempted to set the record straight about Ice Cube and his Contract with Black America (CWBA) during a recent interview on SiriusXM’s The Joe Madison Show. The interview was mostly about the misconceptions surrounding the 1994 Crime Bill, but Richmond had no problem taking time to address Cube’s claims.

In an October 14th tweet, Ice Cube asserted Democrats told him “We’ll address it after the election” after reviewing his CWBA.

According to Richmond, and I quote:

“Let me be crystal clear. That did not happen.”

In characterizing the CWBA, Richmond said:

“He[Ice Cube] has an outline of things that should be done. It’s not as comprehensive as our plan.”

In the interview, he gave very clear examples to back this up.

A Tale of Two Plans

Richmond talked about areas where there was agreement between the two plans. For example, about equitable school funding, Richmond said the following:

“He [Ice Cube] said we need equitable school funding and we said, ‘you’re absolutely right.’ That’s why we increase Title I funding by 23 billion dollars.”

He also talked about areas where the Biden-Harris campaign’s Lift Every Voice plan is more comprehensive. For example, Richmond said:

“One of the biggest issues facing African Americans in this country is Black maternal health. He [Ice Cube] doesn’t touch on it.”

Since both documents are publicly available online, it’s pretty easy to verify Richmond’s account of events.

Fool or Sellout?

It’s one thing to be played by the career political operatives of the Trump campaign, but for Cube to be dishonest about what happened is something else entirely. You can’t say you’re willing to work with anybody and then blow off a Zoom call with Kamala Harris giving you an opportunity to convey your convictions.

I personally have no problem with an individual meeting with an administration of either party if it can produce a positive outcome for the people. I just don’t think that’s what happened here. Many are wondering what Ice Cube feels like he got in return for working with the Trump Campaign. The story that is often told is this collaboration produced the so-called Platinum Plan.

I’m wondering if those who have put their reputation on the line to defend Ice Cube have actually read it. L.A. Times columnist Erika D. Smith, wrote “the Platinum Plan is a two-page document that’s thinner on substance than a fifth-grader’s book report.” Andre Gee, a contributor to Complex, made the fairly obvious observation, “a look at the Platinum Plan doesn’t show many, if any, of Cube’s seismic requests.” I know it’s a hard pill to swallow, but this is a publicity stunt plain and simple.

The Real Wealth Gap

It’s a little scary that any fraction of the Black community over a certain age can’t see this for what it is even after facts are presented. The children count on us to make very important decisions, therefore we have to do a better job of holding up our end of the bargain.

I also have to acknowledge that just like Trumpism will be here after Donald Trump leaves the White House, Ice Cubeism will be here after this controversy is over. Ice Cubeism is a toxic Black masculinity that can only exist in an environment where women are devalued. It’s hard if not impossible to close a “wealth” gap when your spouse is not given the appreciation, consideration, and value she deserves. Once Black men get over this hump, they’ll be ready for a real conversation on the issue.

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