We have enjoined that you show excellence to both your parents that gave birth to you and always be humble to them.

It was your mother that carried you for nine months in her womb of mercy, while you were experiencing the pains of growth having your bones, flesh, etc. being assembled. And she also endured the pains of delivery — pains upon pains.

And know that it is Allah’s mercy that you do not remember the pains.

And after that she underwent a kind of weakness by remaining attached to you for a two-year weening period, while your father went out and developed greater strength for the support of the family.

So, We (Allah) are saying to you: Be thankful and grateful to Allah, then show the same level of appreciation to both parents. For to Allah is the returning and it is He that will reward all for what they have rights to.

Inauguration of “Progressive Chief” of the Bissa in Ghana, Africa.
Wrapping the turban is part of the ceremony.

Be sure to visit Salim Mumin’s Muslim American Logic Institute at http://muslimamericanlogic.ning.com/ where he serves as Director. He is also the Progressive Chief of the Bissa in Ghana.


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