Some of you have asked us for other research articles to look at other than the very recent ones. It does take work, but I remember when I was in grad school studying at the library. I would want to go back to some of the older research and see how the concept evolved over time. I can’t fault you for that. So, at Hassan River, we will start adding some of the older ones to our constantly growing ‘Research We Love’ page.

I know your professors and teachers mean well, but for the topics you’re interested in, they may not be “equipped” to provide what our community can. Also, I know some of you play sports, so you really don’t have time to do as much digging as you’d like to.

As I think about this, I realize this will not only expose you to the earlier research but the earlier researchers which I also think will be of benefit. We’ll start with Rod Brunson. Happy studies.


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