Can’t help but think…

What was life like for Chadwick Boseman before his big break?

Where did he live?

How much money did he have?

What foods could he afford to eat?

What was his stress levels?

Life in America can be very punishing. I’m willing to guess Chadwick Boseman may have had a rough and stressful time in pursuit of his acting dream.

They will tell you to go to the doctor.

They will tell you to have a colonoscopy.

They will tell you we need more screening and testing.

But what we really need is a healthier, fairer society where segments of the population are not bearing the brunt of a lop-sided unequal socio-economic system.

These types of chronic diseases are inequality manifested in our lives. They are proof of our unequal treatment here in this land.

I challenge all of us to fight … fight for a standard of living ( housing, UBI, jobs, healthy food access, healthcare-as-a-human-right) that can procure our health and well-being.


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