I have no doubt Hassan River will become much more than what it is now, but it’s good to know how it all started. One of this project’s several initial impetuses is the experiences I’ve had interacting with you all on Facebook and social media. The conversations have been rich and have challenged my positions. This brings me to another motivating force behind the project. It is best framed in one of the many lessons I was privileged to receive from my father while a student at Virginia State University with him as a professor there. I remember one of the conversations we had in his office during his office hours, where he told me, “Son, don’t be a street-corner scientist.” I share this to say this project will have as one of its tenets an unapologetic bias for peer-reviewed research.

As with any project, some of its motivations are kept private, but I think I’ve shared enough about this project’s motivations for you to know what it is and what it will drive to be.


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