You may have seen the viral video floating around social media of a police officer in Austin, Texas (ATX) repeatedly groping a woman even after she pleaded for a female officer. The video was recorded on July 4th during a peaceful protest. You may be like me in that, when you see police brutality, it drains so much of your energy. Maybe because it’s right there on video like a movie, but they are not actors. Her name is Linda Nuno by the way.

We’re generally conditioned to think about police brutality in a specific way, but the video addresses another part of it. It’s not just being shot or physically assaulted. Sometimes it’s sexual. I know some of you ladies will be able to relate to this.

Linda invited us to visit her Facebook page, so I did. The amount of support she has gotten is encouraging. I really hope this situation gets resolved. Needless to say, some people shouldn’t have badges.


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