Recently, I saw this really “instructive” article in the Wonkette about a Staten Island Assistant Principal’s racially insensitive rant about “black privilege” on Facebook. I’ll let y’all look the article up. Not very new or creative — you know the rant where they talk about how privileged young African Americans are to have a nice pair of basketball shoes, while their peers drive cars? I couldn’t flat out dismiss it because I know a large swath of America thinks like this. We know Fox Noose I mean News makes a ton off these folks. This person is an Assistant Principal of a high school — meaning she’s not just teaching this to the children in her private life but children in public classrooms as well. Imagine that for pursuing a more perfect union! (#sarcasm) I’ll just simply say privilege will net you a lot more than a $200 pair of sneakers. For example, given a person like you is able to make 6 figures being an educator (of all professions) is proof positive privilege exists because you are clearly not Assistant Principal material. Fortunately, the NYC Board of Education is looking into this.


Staten Island Assistant Principal Thinks ‘Privilege’ Is Black People With Sneakers, Headphone Technology. Last accessed: 6/28/2020.


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