A link to IBM CEO’s letter to Congress on Racial Justice Reform has been added to our news site. I will more than likely be writing a blog post on our tech blog which will essentially be a commentary on this letter and may also reference the statements made by Microsoft and Salesforce on this issue. Possibly more than one post.

As I mentioned before, a high school student can understand everything in this letter, and you may even encourage them to not only read it but also to use it as a template to write his/her own letter to Kamala and Cory. While we’re on this topic, I should also say one feature we will be adding to the news site is marking articles that can comfortably be read by a high school student. We just have to update the data model to allow for this. Parents, I think you’ll know what to do with this information :-).


  1. IBM CEO’s Letter to Congress on Racial Justice Reform. https://www.ibm.com/blogs/policy/facial-recognition-susset-racial-justice-reforms/. Last Accessed: 6/17/2020.


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